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Weekend in Pictures - Natural Disaster Edition


It's been quite a week here in Raleigh; first an earthquake and then Irene graced us with her presence.  Honestly neither were *that* bad, but Irene was enough to put a kink in my plans over the weekend.  My plans to visit a dear friend in Virginia Beach who was visiting from Texas had to be cancelled.

Good news is that the Vogue September Issue showed up on Friday after and just in time for me to hunker down on the couch with Coco while Hubs finished off the bathroom renovation.  So my weekend was spent doing manicures, reading fashion mags, and enjoying some much needed down time.

[Hurricane Irene supplies]

[Mani/Pedi supplies a la Chanel]

[The Baby Bump and a pretty cup of tea]

Hope you and yours had a lovely, safe weekend! 

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