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[Photo cred: The Possessionista]

No other Bachelor contestant as sparked so much fashion talk as last season's contender, Emily Maynard.  The Possessionista has logged countless hours identifying what she is wearing even after the show was complete.

I had started stacking a few of my bracelets prior to Emily's debut on The Bachelor, but I have to say that she inspired me to add a little more.  So here's my stack.

It's no Emily Maynard stack, but I think that for me, it's the perfect balance.  Who knows, in the future, I  might add onto it, but for now, it suits my size/frame well.

If silver isn't your thing, check out lines like Blee Inara.  They are great pieces that include gold and color that are perfect for stacking.  I have quite a few of their pieces and they are some of my absolute favorites.

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  1. I love stacking bangles! I've always done it as well, but have tried to mix in some more color/textures recetly.

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

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