Coconut Macaroons


Baking has always been incredibly calming to me and I have been known to bake in large quantities when stressed.  Perhaps work has been a little crazy recently or maybe I needed an excuse to bring more sweets into our house after my self-imposed 40 day hiatus; whatever the reason, I tried my hand at this recipe.  Thanks to my KitchenAid Mixer, it was an incredibly easy recipe to replicate.  How on earth did I live without it before?!

[Coconut before and after all of the ingredients have been added]

I truly think that coconuts are one of the most under-appreciated fruit.  There isn't anything that contains coconut that I don't like.  They add great texture to food and have a fantastic flavor.  Not to mention they remind me of the tropics and who doesn't want to be reminded of some wonderful beach somewhere?

[Ready to go into the oven and fresh out of the oven]

[Chocolate for dipping]

[Finished Product]

The end results were as yummy as they were beautiful.  They got the request for second from Hubs, which means they passed our household test.  These macaroons would be a great item to make for a get together with friends or a new neighbor to welcome them to the neighborhood.

 Everyone needs a kitchen helper.  I had my very own Coco-nut waiting for me to drop some yummy goodness for her.  For you dog owners, coconut macaroons have been known to help with digestive disorders in dogs.  Disclaimer: Don't feed your dogs chocolate macaroons and please check with your vet before you start on any sort of therapy for your dog.


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