Top 10 - The Bachelor Edition


There are likely few people who are as stoked about The Bachelor Finale tonight.  So in anticipation, I've compiled a Top 10 list for things that I'd like to see happen on tonight's episode.

10 - Announcement of Ashley as the next Bachelorette: Annoying chipperness aside, I think that she's the prefect candidate that the country can get behind.  If her makeover that was debuted on the Women Tell All Episode is any indication, I'd put money on the announcement happening on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

9 - The Return of Michelle: Over the years The Bachelor Franchise has shamelessly brought the drama-creators back towards the end (e.g.: Ali's attempt to win Jake's heart, Deanna's attempt to counsel Jason on the appropriate choices).  My hopes is that she jumps out of the brush while Brad's proposing to steal the ring off of the chosen woman's finger.  Now that is good television.

8 - The Happy Reunion: Along the lines of shameless plugs, you can guarantee that the Bachelor franchise will bring back all of their successes (e.g., Ali/Roberto, Jason/Molly, and Trista/Ryan) to speak to the process and how it worked for them during the After the Final Rose episode.  Everyone loves a successful love story-just sayin'.

7 - The Counselor Reveal: I have been a little hesitate about this 'professional' that Brad has been seeing to deal with his emotional issues all season long.  He doesn't really seem legit.  I wouldn't be surprised if we learn that the joke's on us and this 'Dr' really got his license via an internet program.  He'll be assisting with Dr. Drew and Celebrity Rehab before we know it.

6 - The Out-takes from the past season: I have to say that one of my favorite parts of The Bachelor is during the ending credits when they run footage of the girls acting ridiculous over bugs or mice or something silly.  Hopefully there will be more out-takes that will prove to add some comedy to the 'very serious' ending.

5 - ABC's crack-pot editing team: Has anyone noticed that blatant inconsistencies this year?  We've had magical helicopters that change colors mid-flight, all sorts of bad clip editing, and many more.  Comeon ABC, usually you are much better than this-this is not the quality programming we have come to expect.  Lock it up!

4 - Cry me a River: I do hope that Brad shows a little emotion during this evening's final episode.  Every other Bachelor/Bachelorette shed a few tears over the turmoil (refer to 'pulling a Mesnick') in making the final decision; however, Brad has been painfully void of much emotion all season.  I think that it would be crucial for him to show SOME feelings if he wants America to get behind him.

3 - Ali and Roberto set a date: I love love love weddings; especially ones where ABC foots the bill.  And who are we kidding, ABC loves them too.  I adore Ali and Roberto as a couple.  They have been uncharacteristically mum about wedding plans, but seem to be very happy together so what's the hold up guys?!

2 - I appreciate that. I really do. Truly, I mean that. Thank you.: If anything, we can stop listening to Brad say these words every 5 minutes when he is talking to and about these women.  We get the point dude-you appreciate the fact that these women have been open/honest with you and have taken this journey with you.  However, with each time you utter these catch phrases, you seem less and less sincere.  Really. I mean that.  I truly do.

1 - And the final rose goes to....Chris Harrison.  Brad and Chris have a serious bromance going on and I wouldn't be surprised in an attempt to out-do the last time he was handing out the final rose (or not handing out the final rose as it were), that Brad decides to choose Chris Harrison.  And really, who could blame him?

I have to be honest, when ABC announced Brad would be making a return, I was a little reticent about it.  He seemed a little, well for lack of a better word, douchey, to have done what he did years ago.  Don't get me wrong, I still am not a huge fan of Brad, but I think that he was an excellent choice for The Bachelor.  America loves a comeback kid and he has been redeemed (albeit slightly) for ditching two girls at the alter.  All kidding aside, I do hope that Brad chooses Emily.  She's my hometown girl AND I think a much better match for Brad.  Now the question is, is SHE ready for a relationship?

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