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What's in my bag?


I'm a big accessories girl- bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry; these are the things that I love the most.  Lately I've come to realize that what you carry in your bag is almost as important as the bag itself.  As women, we have a habit of carrying everything but the kitchen sink in our purses.  I've been able to narrow down some necessities that I carry with me at all times. (But I do have to go through my purse once a week to clean out receipts and other associated riff raff that accumulates.)

1. Wallet - Hubs bought me this absolutely fabulous wallet for my birthday last year.  Louis is on the higher end, but I would always recommend a larger wallet with a sleeker profile.  It allows for quick access to the cards that you need and enough room to house gift cards, etc.

2.  iPod Nano - You never know when you are going to need some tunes.

3.  Camera - It's a force of habit, but I always have my camera with me.  Even though there is one on my iPhone.  I prefer Nikons; they make a great point and shoot!

4.  iPhone - Enough said. Can't live without it.

5.  Business Cards - In a cute Kate Spade Case.  You never know who and when you are going to meet someone who either you can help or can help you.

6.  Passport - You never know when you need to get out of town ;) (Kate Spade also makes a fabulous Passport Holder).

7. Emergency Kit - I always carry around a travel emergency kit that includes: bandaids, neosporin, advil, tums, blister block stick, travel size deodorant, chapstick, travel-sized mirror, nail trimming kit, safety pins, bobby pins, and Wisps.

8. Good Luck Bear - So I'm a little superstitious and as a result I carry around my Good Luck Bear from my childhood.  It goes everywhere with me around town and abroad.  Weird, perhaps, but it works for me.

Lastly, the bag.  This bag is one of my faves, but has definitely seen better days.  It's Coaches Maggie Bag and I got it the first season they were released. To my knowledge, they have not done another one in grey since in basic leather.  I actually passed up an opportunity to buy it at a local store, quickly regretted it, and when I went back to purchase, it was gone.  Lucky for me, my fabulous friend found it for me in Miami. I love love love this bag.

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