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Ode to the perfect pump


Considering I live my life in 3 inch heels or higher, I am always looks for THE perfect shoe, especially for work.  Surprisingly, my quest (so to speak) came to an end last year when I stumbled upon a Nine West shoe called "Rocha" when I was walking through Macy's.

These shoes are everything that I am looking for in an everyday shoe: they are just the right height heel so that they are appropriate for the office, but also sexy for a night out; they are comfortable, a classic design, and sleek; and they are durable.  These shoes have pounded the pavement overseas with me, as well as carried me through running to catch flights in between layovers.  I just recently purchased my third pair of these shoes.  That's right-I am enjoyed them so much that I actually have purchased these several times over.  The black pair is very classic, but they also come in a variety of other colors.  

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