Dog Days of Summer


I have been really cranky recently.  I think it partially has to do with my crazy schedule, but I suspect that this hot ridiculous weather that we are experiencing in Raleigh has something to do with it.  This week has beat me down and admittedly I have been a little more complain-y than usual.  Which is really not in my nature.  So as I was kvetching for the 90 millionth time this afternoon, I realized that I have a TON to be thankful for and I needed to stop being such a brat. What better way to remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for than a blogpost?!

1. My family and friends - I am so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing cast of characters in my life.  Either by birth or by choice, they bring me so much joy.  I don't know what I did in a past life to be so fortunate, but holler at good karma!

2. My husband - Scott was gone on business for most of the week and I am happy to see him home.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder, but I would rather have my best friend, partner in crime, and hubbin' home with me than on the road.

3.  A/C - For my southern peeps, you all know why I am thankful for this modern marvel of technology. This weeks has been rather unbearable.
4. Mint Tea - Random, perhaps. Relaxing and refreshing, absolutely.  It's the little things folks!

5. Christian Louboutin - You didn't think I could go a whole post without a shout out to a fave designer.  Who could not be thankful for a man who's self-professed goal is "“make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as [he] can.”  It doesn't get any better than that ladies.

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