eDressme Shout out...


Little did I know that when I was speaking with a sales repesentative from the popular shopping website, eDressme, I would actually be quoted and published.  Had I actually known this, I surely would have come up with something more brilliant.

Yep, "Chelsea, North Carolina"-That's me.  I ordered this dress to wear to an upcoming event that I have and I have to say, I'm rather excited about it.  The dress itself is fantastic; great quality, great cut, great color, great fit.  (Thanks for the fabulous recommendation Laurie!) I usually have to get dresses altered, but I don't forsee any major alterations that need to be done on this dress to make it wearable.  Not to mention, it's a signature piece from the SATC movie-so what's not to like? I think eDressme really hit the nail on the head with this one.  It's a much more reasonable alternative to the Halston Heritage version and is pretty much a dead ringer for it. I would definitely recommend trying out eDressme in the future to anyone!

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