Men's Holiday Gift Guide


I've said it before and I'll say it again, shopping for me tends to be a little harder for me than anyone else.  Particularly my husband.  I've put together some items what not only I love, but I've heard him speaking about (or he has been using). 

1. google home (and mini)
I say this a little begrudgingly because I am not a google fan; however, a few years ago, Scott decided that we were going to get a Google home.  We have one in our downstairs and a mini in our room.  I have to say, that despite my efforts to not be a fan, it's grown on me.  This year, he wants to add the Hub.  

This has been on hubs list for several years.  In our household, we are a big fan of a coffeetable book and this one is really great.  Shucking an oyster is definitely a skill that you need to learn (least you stab yourself with a shucker).

I'm a lover of a good timepiece.  Nixon is a great option and definitely a fun statement piece.  Also, I really like the idea of a reminder of someone that you can wear throughout the day. 

There's an old adage that says you shouldn't buy shoes for someone because they'll walk out of your life.  I don't know if I necessarily subscribe to that, but Scott does.  So to circumvent that, I buy fun socks. 

5. sporty
We dig a good athleisure wear over here.  Something about comfy pants is just so good and so easy, particularly this time of year.  Throw in some great headphones and it's almost like you are working out....almost.

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