merci beaucoup



It's not a secret in these parts that I'm a Francophile.  From the culture, to the geography, to the je ne sais quoi, I'm here for it all the time.  Sure, they get a bad rap, but what's not to love about a group of people who gave us the croissant? 

[jacket // sweater // skirt // kicks // baubles (here, here, here) // sunnies]

Also, what's not to love about a soft sweater & a leopard print.  Trust me, nothing screams fall more.  Dress is down with a pair of sparkly kicks, throw a jacket on it when it gets a little cooler, 

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  1. I love a graphic tee, sweater, sweatshirt, whatever! Put a cute saying on some clothing and I am in love!

    Love how you mixed a fun bright color with an animal print, great look!


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