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Kids Holiday Gift Guide



Well, here we are again - me in very very very deep denial that the holidays are a-coming and retailers very very very aggressively reminding me that Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK and Christmas is 4 weeks.  It happens every year.  And yet every year I find myself at this very same crossroad - to suck it up and give into the fact that if I don't start now, I'll be pulling my hair out in 4 weeks or to continue to live in denial.  Either way, I thought I'd kick off my gift guides this year with some picks for the kiddos in your life.

Gifts for kids tend to get more and more tricky as the years press on.  First, can we all agree we have enough plastic crap in our households, but that sadly the great juxtaposition that is life as a parent is that kids WANT the plastic crap? Moreover, the uglier the better.  Don't get me wrong - there are some lovely sets out there and I envy the people who have playrooms that are filled with muted tones of beige and pastels.  This is not my reality and I've found that at the end of the day, my kids really dig those bright, primary colored filled plastic toys.  The other thing is that as the years go on, I find myself trying to be more purposeful with our gifts and gifts to our little friends.  Generally gifts for kiddos fall into several buckets for me.

Books: I love a good book.  Though, depending on the kid, it might not be as appreciated by the recipient than the parent but there are some crowd-pleasers that work for all.  The Illustrated Harry Potter series is one of those.  If you think your kids are too young for them, this is a great way to introduce them to the Wizarding World and when Liam was younger, we read the individual chapters as mini-stories.  For younger kids, we really like the BabyLit series which introduces classic pieces of literature in tangible ways for kids to learn about counting, colors, animals, etc.

Games:  Our family loves a good game - from Uno to Monopoly to Chess - we are all in.  Granted the girls are a little young to partake just yet, but they'll be indoctrinated soon enough.  In the meantime, you'll find us playing Race to the Treasure, Sneaky Snaky Squirrel, or Trouble.  They are great ways to give a fun gift that brings the family together intentionally and spend some good 'ol quality time together.

Toys: Refer back to the top of the post as to my feelings on toys.  I get they are by far, the more fun gifts to give, kids love them, and they are the most exciting.  If this is the route you are going, we love the brand Green ToysLegos, and Baby Einstein

Other ideas: If you know someone who's dress-up game is strong, try a superhero or a princess (Did you hear that Disney is doing a Princess subscription box?!).  If you know a kid who is into learning about the world around them, check out Little Passports and gift them something that gives year-round.  Outdoor or sports activities are always big in our household - we love both this scooter and this indoor basketball hoop (you'd be shocked how much use this gets).   If you have a newer little friend you are buying for, we love a good stuffed animal (jellycat is our favorite).  And last but certainly not least, the 'dreaded' electronics.  As much as everyone loves to feign hate of tablets, we love the Kindle Fire.  It really is the best one out there and CRUCIAL for our survival during trips.

shop the rest of my picks for the kiddos in your life here:

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