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I can fully appreciate the irony of a post about sweaters during a week that has hoovered in the high nineties.  Quite honestly looking at these sweaters makes me sweat a little.  However, if there's anything that I've learned about time, it is before you know it, the weather will have turned and suddenly you can't find anything that you loved or are looking for.  So I have the motto of buy now, wear later.  But to help narrow it down a little for you, I've got 5 recommendations for sweaters you'll want to rock when the weather cools down.

Embellished sweater: Not a cardigan fan, I hear you.  But trust me when I tell you, you'll love this top.  If I can't convince you, there are other great options out there for an embellishments.

Camo: It's big again for fall and this one is oh-so-good with the right mix of slouch and structure.

Ruffle-Details: Don't let this nod to the Victorian-era fool you, ruffles provide a beautiful detail and it is still very modern.  It's a great way to give your sweater an extra bit of oompf.

Leopard-print: I will forever sing from the roof-tops my love of leopard print.  I can appreciate that not everyone is as comfortable as going all-in though.  If full on leopard isn't your style, you can dip your toe in the pool with this one.

Color-block: This sweater sold out over and over again during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  And there is good reason why - the color combo is just perfect, as is softness factor.  Definitely worth snagging.

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