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Cinco de Twinkles


At the beginning of the month, we celebrated quite the milestone - Our sweet twinkles turned 1.  It's a strange juxtaposition of feelings associated with first birthdays, and particularly this one.  In many ways it feels like we blinked and we reached a year, but in others it feels like a long time coming.  But either way, it was definitely a celebration.  A celebration not only for the girls because it was their birthday afterall, but for our family for having survived the first year of twindom.  So in that vein and given the fact that the actual days falls on a perfect day for a celebration, we decided to go all in.

Fun fact: we actually started planning with a conversation that included the desire to have llamas at the party.  And before we even had a real game plan or anything else booked for that matter, we had a full on petting zoo, llama included (note is was two alpacas that showed up, but beggars can't be choosers), booked.  Beyond that, we knew that we wanted a fun, modern twist on the typical Cinco de Mayo theme and that we wanted it at our house. Which was a gamble given that weather can be iffy at best in May and we had a rather large guest list.  (I was prepared to have to tent our yard, which thankfully did not have to happen.)  Since the weather did cooperate, we were able to put out all sorts of areas for people to use, including a fun area for the kids (or adults) to use complete with bubble wands, a Cac-Toss, hula hoops, and big bouncy balls.

Food and beverage were everyone's favorite: margaritas & tacos.  Given the fact that there was a lot going on at our house, we got Moe's to cater - which was PERFECT. We also went all in on Meri Meri's line of paper goods.  They make some beautiful and magical stuff and, as luck would have it,  happened to have a cactus line which was perfect for our fete.

All in all, it was the perfect day. We are immensely thankful & humbled by all of the support,
kind words, & love we have received over the past year. It was no small feat & it takes a village. I might be a little biased but I think we have the best village around. 

party supplies:
meri meri: plates // cups // napkins

shop party looks

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