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Have I mentioned that I love Valentine's Day? Oh, well if you missed it - I do.  I know, while most of you are rolling your eyes and perhaps breathing into a paper bag, I have to say that I've always loved the holiday.  Whether I celebrated with myself, a loved one, or my friends, there's always been something that I love about this holiday.  And to that end, I love gifting.  I've put together three lists for you to help take one thing off of your plate for Valentine's day.  Scroll further for some of my favorites.

For her

For him

For the little ones

+ His & Hers Mugs: I know, we all have tons of mugs.  But I love these two and they are perfect for a day spent sipping coffee together in the morning or hot chocolate cuddled up by the fire.

+ A fun book for a little reader: Books for kids are my go-to gift.  Kids don't necessarily always view them as the most exciting gifts (like this or this), but kids have enough toys and anything to instill an early love of reading, I'm all in.  Looking for a pink alternative, we adore this one.

+ Twin with your mini in this and this:The good news is that it is a timeless message that you both can carry on wearing through out the year.

+ May the Force be with you: Put a little pep in your significant other's step with a fun set of socks from their favorite film.  Who doesn't love star wars these days?

Are you all in on this holiday? What are you doing with your special someone?!

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