If you follow me on instagram, I was bemoaning the other day on my instastories about dressing for the day when you walk to your child to/from school.  You need to be comfortable (read: yoga pants FTW), but while I'm working and running errands (if I ever get out), I want to dress like myself (read: chic, stylish).  The two are difficult to marry without changing 3 times a day and besides, who has time for that.  And let me be clear, I love a good yoga pant.  In some instances, prefer it.  For me, it's difficult to get behind wearing them 24/7; mostly because I love clothes, but also because it's just not me.  Enter this look.

If you had told me even a year ago that I'd be living in sneakers, I would have laughed in your face.  Between my short stature and my love for a good pump, it's very hard to pull me away from my heels.  These days they are necessary so I'm opting for some literal superstars that are heavy hitters in my closet these days. I snagged these pants at Gap which unfortunately aren't available online anymore, but if you happen to see them in store - SNAG them.  They are amazing.  For reference, they run big (I'm wearing an XS for the love of all that holy) but they are thick, comfortable, and excellent quality.  I've linked a similar pair (which I equally love) for you as well.

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