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I'm about to share something that might make me vastly unpopular with the Charlotte crew.  When we first moved to Charlotte, I really wasn't a fan.  Let me back track a bit.  Over the weekend we hit the 4-year mark of our move to the area.  We moved because my husband got a job at a company which he's always wanted to work with and I was able to take my role homebased.  Between that and my family living close by, it was a win-win-win.  I honestly never imagined myself living back in this area.  Not because I didn't want to but because this was simply never an area where Scott's career and my career overlapped.  And suddenly we were thrust into life here (the move happened very fast).  We loved the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.  Having spent the past 7 years there, we had become familiar with it, built a life there, a support system, and had a wonderful group of friends.  The food scene was amazing; the universities provided a wonderful mix of diversity; and it was an incredibly family-oriented area.  Being more established that Charlotte, it just felt more comfortable in its skin. 

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And when we moved to Charlotte, it all felt a bit alien - not like the city that I had come to be familiar with over my high school years or the summers that I spent here throughout college.  Charlotte has been growing at an exponential pace which would be difficult for any city to manage or keep up with.  We've often discussed that perhaps we did the Raleigh/Charlotte order backwards - that we should have been in Charlotte when we were younger, and Raleigh when we decided to start a family.  But as the years have moved forward (as years tend to do), I've grown more and more fond of Charlotte.  We've been able to carve our a niche for ourselves - we love our neighborhood, we've found an amazing group of friends. and even have our own haunts now (though I would love for the food scene to be as good as Raleigh is).  Plus having family down the road is incredibly wonderful.  I think I'll always have a complicated relationship with Charlotte, but today, I'm a fan.

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