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24 weeks and athleisure wear


I was recently traveling for work and a woman in the airport commented that I was extremely put together for a pregnant lady, particularly her own personal experience being pregnant.  I thanked her, profusely, as these days I am shameless about a complement.  The truth is I do try very hard to be put together, generally in life, but even more so these days.  Not only is it one of the very few things I can control (or have some level of control over), but it also helps motivate me for the day.  Prior to pregnancy, I got a lot of questions about what I wore as I do work from home.  My approach hasn't changed much since I became pregnant and that is get up, get ready, get dressed, and show up.  Now that dressing is a little more challenging, I do have my days where I might not do all of the above until lunch or I dress down a few more days.  Since comfort is king and there is no lack of athleisure wear these days, I thought I'd share with you one such look, as well as an update on how things are progressing.

[I know, ultrasounds look a lot like blobs to me, but I am assured that these two particular blobs are the ladies heads, facing each other]

Checking into week 24, I had another scan at my fetal-maternal specialist, as well as OB appointment, and the ladies are growing right along track.  They are both currently weighing in at 1.5 lbs each (get it girls) and everything looks great so far.  I'm currently measuring at 28 weeks (which is 'normal' for a multiple pregnancy) and they are thrilled with how I am progressing.  Another crazy fact that if (heaven forbid) I were to go into labor, they'd both be absolutely viable at this point.  This isn't a fact that I want to test, but it is a milestone for us and puts my mind a little at ease.

How are you feeling?
Honestly, I'm feeling great.  Beyond a few more aches and pains, I still have a ton of energy and can still get around pretty easily.  A sinus funk sidelined me a bit last week, but overall, it's very difficult to complain.  Most of my aches and pains are easily remedied by epsom salt baths and/or thermacare heat packs for the back.

Will you be put on bed rest?
Unless something traumatic happens (like preterm labor), simply because I am little doesn't mean that I am going to be put into bed at a certain amount of time.  These days they don't like to put women on bed rest until they have to.  In the meantime, Scott will be building something to keep me from tipping forward.

Can you feel them move?
At this phase I can feel them move a lot.  I have to say it's not too much different from my experience with Liam, but once they get going it definitely is a little more than with just one, but nothing crazy (yet).

Where do you get your maternity clothes?
I don't wear a ton of maternity specific clothing at the moment.  Definitely a few pairs of pants (obviously a must), but otherwise, I tend to size up in clothing and wear more body-conscious lines to accentuate the bump.  I'll be sharing some of my maternity must-haves in the coming weeks.

Have you picked names?
Yes; and it's likely that we will share them before they are born.

How's the progress on the nursery?
Very well; we have a plan and are working on executing it (mostly by Scott).  The blanket that the ultrasound is on in the above picture is the color palette and hopefully it'll be at a place to share sooner rather than later.

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