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I'm not going to lie, this weekend has been blissful.  I took a respite from life and have been holed up at a local resort enjoying a girls weekend full of laughs, good food, spa treatments, and relaxation.  I suspect it will be the last time that this happens for a while so I'm trying to relish it as long as I can.  As I acclimate back to real life today, ease on into it with me with my favorite finds around the interwebs.

+ I should be less in love with this song, but #sorryi'mnotsorry

+ Sometimes the simplest message comes from the most surprising places.

+ I am such a fan of Andrew McMahon so obviously I love this.

+ On heels of the Women's March last weekend, Morgan's approach to bridging the divide is worth the read.

+ Need some more inspiration for calm after a crazy week?

Upon reflection, most of these links are about coming together and finding commonality in a time that is so contentious and divided.  This week has been quite a special one so you can probably guess where my head space is at, but regardless, I hope that you enjoy.  Take some time today with your loved ones. Be kind to each other and cheers to a better tomorrow!

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