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Usually Scott and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye when it comes to design.  We are both opinionated (him with it being his profession and me with, well, being me) and it usually ends in a fight in the middle of a insert-your-favorite-furniture-store-here.  Good news is, with the nursery, we are pretty much on the same page.  We are going for mostly neutrals, with some pops of pink and golds (including a gold accent wall of some sort - if we can find something that works).

Having twins puts a new spin on things as we need to utilize the space to hold two cribs and a lot of storage.  We ended up not using any of the items that we had used (and stored in anticipation of another child) for Liam.  It wasn't ideal, but we needed more space-conscience cribs; a changing table that served as both a place for changing, as well a storage; and a seating arrangement that had more space.

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