Happy First Friday


Collective high fives all around, we made it through the first week of the new year.  Part of me feels as if this week has flown by and the other feels as if I've been in a perpetual hung-over state trying to claw my way back to normalcy (or some semblance of it).  As I've been working on easing back into the work week (and preparing for the inch of snow this weekend which will inevitably shut down the city of Charlotte), I thought I'd share with you some finds around the interwebs that got me through this week.

+ I love the Vogue.com's 73 Questions series and this episode with NPH is a must-see

+ I have been a Bones fan since it started and though I am super sad this is the last season, it started this week with Zach coming back.

+ Do you mis-use these common words/phrases?  Good news is, you aren't alone.

+ In an effort to get back into work mode, this Ted Talk is worth a watch

+ Don't call it a comeback, but SJP is still on the scene and killing it.  Have you guys checked out her new show on HBO?

+ My obsession with Hamilton is well documented, but this interactive visualization of lines in the play is fascinating.

Cheers to all of us my friends for making it.  Pop some bubbly for me tonight at quitting time. 

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