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Since I took on a new role in my organization last Fall, I've been on the road a lot more.  This, of course, comes with it's share of positives and negatives, but one of the biggest positives is that I've become a dynamo at packing a carry on bag.  This week is my second into four straight weeks of travel so it's fitting that I'm sharing with you some of what is in my travel bag.

Stay hydrated: I am a slave to consumption of water while I travel.  Smart Water is my water of choice and I've also started using this Honest spray as a part of my routine to freshen my face after a flight.

Stay full: Being an anxious flyer (I know, it's a little ridiculous given the amount of travel I do), I steer away from coffee before a flight (caffeine is know to increase my anxiety levels), but I am a big snacker.  I am obsessed with this candy bar (I get mine at Target).  

Stay occupied: I swear by my iPad; I download content to watch, books to read, and games to play to keep me occupied during my flights.  I highly recommend Veep (if you haven't watch it yet).

Stay prepared: I always have my emergency pouch with me.  It has everything from advil, to band-aids, to lip gloss and hair ties.

Stay connected (to home): Awhile back, I was traveling and found a toy that Liam had put into my bag and since then, I travel with it as a reminder of home.

And then there's the bag.  Truthfully, I had never been a huge fan of the LV NeverFulls.  Though it is large, it doesn't zip on the top.  Regardless, it truly has been a fantastic travel bag.

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