mothers day


Mother's Day is right around the corner and being a mother myself, I love looking for mother's day gifts for the women in our lives.  It's given me a better appreciation for what I used to gift my mother and how I apply that to gifts I give now.

Mother's are notoriously sentimental; I love Minted's custom silhouettes.

I scream, you scream, (I promise) she screams for ice cream.  I just received this maker and can't wait to use it (both for my own personal use and with my family).

In constant pursuit of fitness (and a healthy obsession with fitbit), what mother wouldn't want this piece to disguise her device?

A pair of shades to hide the dark circles from a lack of sleep brought upon us by early bedtimes and endless nights of worry.

And if you are local and wanting to really give your mother the royal treatment, why don't you send her to get an amazing facial and blow out done by two of my favorite joints in Charlotte (because no mother ever said, 'i think i'll pass on the facial' #justsayin).

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