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channeling chanel


[tweed dress // valentino kicks // baubles (here, here, & here) // pink bag // sunnies]

Oh hey there! Remember me? It's OK if you don't; I fell off of the face of the earth for a solid 10 days.  I'd like to say that I had some brilliant excuse, a good story perhaps.  Sadly, I don't besides what all of our are plagued with these days and that is a packed schedule and a lack of an ability to prioritize (or maybe I prioritized and that's why this space fell off of my list).  Either way, I'm back.  Hopefully on a more regular posting schedule, but we'll see.

Now on to this outfit.  I wear a lot of dresses when it comes to work wear.  Honestly, they are kinda the lazy-woman's work outfit - easy, no thought required, but instantly chic & put together.  This dress is so reminiscent of Coco herself that I couldn't resist.  To up the homage to Chanel herself, I added this necklace which is reminds me of an amped up version of the more subtle camellia which was added to her collection because of her love of the flower and can still be intertwined in the newer collections.

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