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you're my kaleidoscope


[portrait of an almost-four-year old]

dearest peanut,

i've been putting off writing this because, honestly, i've been in denial about this birthday.  there's something about 4 that seems like you are no longer the little baby/toddler/threenager you once were and have somehow transformed into a little boy right in front of our eyes.

you are the perfect combination of creativity, strong determination & fiery personality of your father, with the hunger for knowledge, love of science, & sweetness from me, along with my eyes.  you are resolute and strong willed as ever.  your speak primarily in star wars, dinosaurs, legos, and now harry potter.  you love music and you create your own soundtrack whereever you go; from truck noises, dinosaur roars, and intergalactic battle noises, to making up songs to what we are doing that very moment. you make friends everywhere you go, both people & animals, you have this magnetic quality about you which pulls people into your orbit to hear more. you are a trickster with a great sense of humor and, by far, have the best laugh out of anyone i have ever met. you haven't met a bad guy you don't like (afterall, they are just misunderstood), but also see the importance of good winning over bad.  we tell you every day, you are brave and smart and kind and imaginative and courageous and caring and strong and a little bit silly.

there is a quote from their eyes were watching god which says, there are years that ask questions and years that answer.  year 3 for us was the year of questions, both literally and metaphorically.  your thirst for knowledge and quest for answers was insatiable as you tried to wrap your head around the world that you were exploring and the boundaries your parents were setting up for you.  and i'd be lying if i said that i didn't question my own parenting abilities over the past year.  our ability to bounce between an almost full blown kid and a threenager was happening at a breakneck speed and there were times where we were less than patient or gracious about it.  you, however, took it all in your sweet stride - ever forgiving and understanding as we navigated this uncharted territory together.  we are so lucky to call you ours.  you are a tremendously special kid.

four is going to be the best year yet, if you can imagine that. full of adventures and exploring and fun. we can't wait to experience it all with you, afterall, we love you mostest of all.


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