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spring cleaning



It's that time of year in the Carolina's - Spring has officially sprung.  And with the official start of Spring on the calendar, along with the warming temps, I'm starting to get the itch to revamp some of my habits and start anew.

+ I started dry brushing.  So far, so good - I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but I'd recommend you give it a whirl if you are in the least bit intrigued.

+ I usually start my morning with a huge cup of coffee.  However, after reading about the benefits of hot lemon water first thing in the morning, I've starting gulping that down as the house is getting ready for the day.

+ I'm looking for a bit of a closet refresh - I am currently loving this & this & this (as seen on Becky) - apparently refresh to me means white.

+ I love a good skincare routine and though I am thinking of changing up some of it, I'm sticking by this tried and true.  I love the citrus scent.

+ Being a rule follower, I love the idea of implementing some house rules to live by.  I think that these are simple & very implementable and plan to do so ASAP in our household.

Are you doing any spring cleaning in your life, either metaphorical or literal? I'd love to hear what you are up to with the change of the seasons.

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