Happy 2nd Birthday Peanut


Over the weekend, our little peanut turned 2.  Which is basically the most insane sounding thing that has come out of my mouth in quite some time. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, but in spite all of that, we have a walking, talking, little man of a two year old.  What is more astounding than the fact that we have a two year old, is what a little amazing person he is becoming before our very eyes.  Peanut is so smart, so loving, and intuitive.  He loves to talk (in full sentences these days, no less), sing, and interact with everyone.  Dinosaurs, trains, dragons, trucks, planes, and automobiles are tops in our household.  The above photo is actually very apropos given that he is a blur of activity & discovery these days.  There are brief pauses in the activity for a little hug or moment of calm before the activity starts again.

This weekend we celebrated as you only can for a two year old - a family pirate-themed swash-buckling party.  It meant so much to have our family come in from all over (including a surprise from the west coast in the form of my sister).  It really was the perfect way to celebrate our little peanut!

Happy birthday to our sweet (big) boy.  We couldn't possibly be anymore in love with you than we are today & cannot wait to continue to grow with you on this crazy, wonderful adventure.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Liam! That sounds like such a fun party. It's amazing how fast time goes once you become a parent, isn't it?!


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