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[Peanut takes tree selection just as serious as me]

Christmas Trees are kinda a big deal to me.  As in: must be real, must be as big as possible for the space, must be up soon after Thanksgiving. (I love Thanksgiving and am a holiday separatist - do NOT encroach on my turkey, Christmas decor!)  Not even being fully unpacked in our normal lives, we pulled down our Christmas boxes after peanut went to bed on Thanksgiving and got ready to deck the halls.  Black Friday we marched down the street to nab a Christmas Tree of our very own from a local lot and, boy, it is a substantial tree.  So substantial that Scott had to run out to Home Depot for a new base to hold it. 

[a tree just his size]

I love the traditions we have with our tree: our collection of ornaments we've accumulated over the years of being together (each year we gift each other with a new ornament), the division of christmas tree tasks (Scott's forte is tree lighting, mine is garland hanging), and the absolute joy Peanut has in our family's tree (everytime he walks into the room, he screams, 'Christmas Tree!' as if it is the first time he's seen it).   

So basically, I have no idea where half of my clothes are, but we are decked for the holidays. It's all about priorities people.

What traditions to you love over the holiday season?

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  1. I love this so much, because I am the same way. I wait until after Thanksgiving, I go to a local lot, and I take a while to pick the perfect one.

    Yours is beautiful!

  2. These photos are adorable. I have never had a real Christmas tree.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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