The Duchess and her Robes


The newest royal, Baby George, was christened yesterday and with that event came the inevitable fashion discussions around what Kate would wear.  Sticking tried and true to her roots, she selected a custom Alexander McQueen frock.  Although I am not a huge fan of the dress, it was very occasion appropriate.  I also have to say, I love that she's a brand loyal.  McQueen (now steered by Sarah Burton) is a power house in the fashion industry and Kate wears their designs beautifully.  I've included some of my favorite McQ looks rocked by the Duchess herself below.


What did you think of Kate's look yesterday? Do you have a favorite look that she's rocked?

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  1. I love her look from yesterday. Not my favorite of her McQueen pieces, but still so pretty! I love the look on the top right.

  2. I think Kate & Pippa are so stylish. I really like both of their dresses.


  3. Kate always looks stunning. Although I don't have as conservative of femme taste, I always love her looks :)


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