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in which peanut befriends a llama, emus are confirmed to be the meanest animals on the planet, and i decide i want a zebra


Over the weekend, we took a trip.  A trip down a very long, winding country road out to perhaps what is the middle of nowhere.  Our destination was a ranch in the middle of North Carolina which has all sorts of wild and exotic animals roaming around that you can feed, pet (at your own risk and is not advisable), and generally stand in awe.  We are talking llamas, camels, zebras, giraffes, and rhinos.  Peanut being a lover of all 'anmls' (as he puts it) was beyond thrilled and interested in making all of these new furry and feathered creatures his friend.  With the exception of a very scary and aggressive emu, which I have always had a healthy fear of and Liam was not so much a fan of; for the record, my fears were further solidified when one of these bad boys pecked our window.

[unbeknownst to me in this video there was a llama trying to creep in the window behind me, hence Liam's interest in what was going on behind me]

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  1. Oh mah goodness! Where is this? I have to know! My kids would love this.

  2. I am secretly terrified of Emu's and ostriches....gives me the shivers...that video of your lil man is seriously the cutest...he is adorable!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam


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