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Belk Fall Fashion Preview 2013


Last week I had the opportunity to go to Belk and listen to their VP of Fashion Direction & Trend Merchandising dish about what's in-store for Fall 2013.  Arlene Goldstien was all that she was promised to be: chic, warm, great sense of humor, and above all impeccably fashionable.  It was a great event and I'm excited to share what they have planned for Fall 2013.

Glam Globetrotter

Think beautiful, rich fabrics and prints.  Great color schemes and mixing and matching of flowy, structured, and details.  I love this moto jacket and shift dress.

Just Dandy

The female's take on menswear: structure, military and prep inspired looks.  Lots of tassel detailing and great classic lines.

Mod Modern

This trend is all about geometric prints and the balance of lines.  Lots of great swing coats and sheath dresses.  

Past Perfect

A more romantic take on the season.  It's similar to Glam Globetrotter in that there are a lot of rich textures and fabrics, but you'll see more brocade and lace and more obvious femininity.  This blue suit with bustier is to-die-for.

So all of these things are great, right? But what does it mean for you the shopper? What pieces should you invest in this fall that would up your game? I'd look for pieces which can translate into several looks.  A leather moto jacket for example is a great piece that can go from casual to a night out on the town and can be styled in may different aesthetics.  Leather details are big this year again so if a moto jacket isn't in your budget, look for pieces that have leather detailing.  You'll also see lines getting closer to the body: check out slim cropped trousers as an insta-update.  They can be paired with everything from sweaters, to blazers, to tops and look great with heels and short boots (another trend that's back this year).  Other items that are back in a big way: fashion sweatshirts, statement jackets and jewels, satchels, and patterns, patterns, patterns.

Do any of these looks ring your bell or are you excited for an entirely different look this Fall?

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  1. I have never been inside a Belk store. After viewing these pictures that needs to change ASAP. I am now excited for Fall fashion!

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com


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