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of castles & the glorious north carolina mountains


Arguably, I'm a beach girl.  Which is why it is odd that I chose a college which was about as far away from the ocean that I so loved.  Regardless of that, there is something about the mountains that truly makes my heart happy.  What makes my heart triply happy is being able to spend a beautiful Memorial Day in the mountains with Peanut & Scott.  We stopped over in Asheville for a quick respite on our weekend travels and decided to pop on over to the Biltmore for the day before we headed back to Raleigh.  The estate and grounds there are simply breathtaking and we cannot wait to come back and spend some real time explore the trails surrounding the home, playing in the gardens, and taking in all of the sights of Asheville.

[moments that truly melt my heart]

[gator taming]

[the estate and conservatory are filled with what seems like hundreds of orchid varieties.  I took so many pictures, I could dedicate an entire post to it, but I won't]

[seriously, unstoppable]

[a memorial day outfit & a view]

[one of the yo gabba gabba characters along for the ride.  what ensued afterwards was a 15 minute discussion regarding what yo gabba gabba is and who the characters are #officiallyparents]

[sassy cupid]

[in season flowers in the gardens]

[in memory]

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  1. I'm definitely a beach girl as well, but you're so right...there's something amazing about the mountains. I love the Biltmore. I really want to go back soon...I haven't been in about 7 years. Your family is beyond cute!

  2. I thought that this blog was about fashion... White polo, jeans and dock siders. That guy needs to step up his game. :)

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    I hope so.:)





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