Today of all days my heart is heavy.  Heavy because it is the anniversary of the events that transpired on my beloved campus, a home away from home for me my entire life, 6 years ago.  Doubly heavy because of the events that have transpired yesterday in Boston.  So today, my message for you all is peace.

Peace to those that were affected by the horrific and tragic events in Boston.

Peace to my Hokie family today.

And peace to all of those who have been impacted by similar, unfathomable tragedies that are still trying to find their way to the answers, to Newtown, Aurora, Oklahoma City, NYC, and frankly, too many more.

Peace to you and your loved ones.

I hope you do your part to send positivity out into the universe today and everyday.

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  1. Well said my friend....xoxo

    Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  2. My heart breaks today for all those affected by these horrible events. xo


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