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Bright Eyes


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[jacket: JCrew // shirt: JCrew // pants: Gap // belt: JCrew // kicks: zara // baubles: Blee inara, JCrew, Michael Kors // sunnies: chanel]

I feel like we've been bamboozled by the groundhog.  Despite the stubbornness of the cold weather, I've officially decided that I'm just going to start dressing the part and if I will it to be Spring then perhaps the weather will cooperate.

 photo 3_zps68091363.jpg

 photo 4_zps82778c51.jpg

If you are shy about rocking the brights, my advice is to stick with small pieces and to try a neutral lip with the look.  I love MAC's Modesty or NARS Chelsea Girl.  And the good news is that brights are all over the place this season...from JCrew to Gap.

 photo 5_zps33730011.jpg
This outfit may actually look familiar if you are a follower of The Pink Peonies.  Rachel rocked a similar look here and coincidentally, I had this guy ready to publish when I saw it.  Great minds Rach, great minds.

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  1. I just love that pink shirt! Spring is almost here! I would love for us to follow each other :) Have a wonderful day!


  2. Love that pink top and the mix of prints in your outfit! I wish spring would hurry up and come but we are supposed to get a ton of snow in DC tomorrow!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  3. pretty! love the pink stripes... cheers to spring - thank goodness its March!

  4. Love this outfit! Those pants are so fun!

  5. LOVE the pink. i'm all for tricking the seasons by wearing fun bright colors!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com


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