Party Animal


So here's the truth...I'm a political junkie.  I full on geek-out over the political process.  But even I am happy that today has arrived.  Today marks the end of what seems to have been the longest.election.season.ever.  Living in what is considered to be a battle-ground state, I can't watch live TV without the entire commercial break being filled with ridiculous political ads (Yes, I'm talking to you both sides.)   As annoyed as I am by the facebook posts, political ads, and downright ignorance that some of the general public seems to have (on both sides), my glass-half-full self is grateful.  Grateful that we live in a nation that allows for freedom of speech, welcomes open debate, gives all citizens opportunity to vote, and take part in the political process.

So this election, I hope that you take advantage of this unalienable right as a citizen of the US of A.  I hope that you respect the opinions and choices of your neighbors, that we all face the results of the elections with open minds, not hateful words and that we all move forward (in whatever direction), towards a better future together. 

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