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Sunday Brunch and a Magic Pair of Pants


This past Sunday, I gathered with some of my favorite people to bid farewell to a dear friend who is embarking on a super exciting new adventure.  Brunch is my absolute favorite and I was super excited that the weather was FINALLY cool enough to layer and not have people give you the 'you're crazy' side-eye.

And here's the crazy thing about these pants...I bought them prior to pregnancy and wore them pre-preggo, and then wore them the entire time I was pregnant (as in I was wearing them the day I went into labor) and I wear them now.  They are a wardrobe staple that apparently has been able to withstand the laws of physics and didn't stretch at all despite my incessant wearing of a non-pregnancy pants during my entire pregnancy.  If that's not an endorsement for Gap and the quality of their pants, I don't know what is.

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  1. LOVE this outfit :) I've been looking for a perfect pant since I feel like I live in jeans with two kids and this might be it! I'm going to the mall today so I might check it out!

  2. Umm LOVING those bow flats! I need a pair in my life asap.


  3. I've come so close to pulling the trigger on this jacket! You might have convinced me! Love this look and I LOVE your blog re-design! x


  4. love this look, casual and glam at the same time!

  5. Your jacket is amazing! Lovely outfit



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