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How to Save a Life


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I'm not going to mince words about it cancer sucks.  It's about as simple as that.  It's a disease that does not discriminate and takes no prisoners.  I can't even think of one person I know that hasn't been affected by cancer in some capacity.  And, in case you have missed all of the pink in every store this month, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - cause that is near and dear to my heart for a variety of reasons.

Breast Cancer will effect one in eight women in the US during their lifetime.  It's the most common form of cancer and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women.  Those are some scary statistics and their impact shouldn't be minimized.  But there is good news:  Breast Cancer, especially if caught early, is incredibly treatable and beatable.  It's all about early detection and being an advocate for your own health.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself
Like I said earlier, it's all about early detection and being proactive.  Know what normal is for your body. And when something doesn't feel right, don't be shy or feel weird about asking your doctor and speaking up!

See a doctor
It's amazing to me how many women don't actually see their doctor's yearly OR speak to their general practitioners about what's going on with them.  Speak up! And don't feel silly about it. Also, know your genetic history.  Sometime, despite your best efforts, genetics can win out.  If you have a familial history, your risk is increased. 

Live a healthy life
       Far be it from me to preach on this front (I'm just as guilty as the next person for caving to eat some fried goodness), but making healthy, conscious decisions about what you are doing and putting into your body will go a long way.  So exercise regularly, limit your adult beverages, and if you haven't already, cut the cigarettes out of your life.  (Seriously, do I need to list the reasons why?!)

Outside of taking care of yourself and being your own health advocate, there's a lot that you can do to support the cause.  First and foremost, finding an organization that gives back is the best way to get involved.  It's not about money (although these organizations will gladly take donations), but also about time and assisting with event planning to raise money.  There are many wonderful organizations and groups that you can be a part of and donate to in order to help support research and women to find a cure. 

I wear pink to support the cause for all of the amazing, inspiring, strong, fearless women who have faced this disease head on, who have fought and in fighting won regardless of the outcome.

And for our brown-eyed girl....we miss you every single day. 

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A Special thanks to Jameka Autry (Photos c/o Jameka Autry Photography)

Also, Heather at my big balloon - both are amazing, inspiring, fantastic women to work with!

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  1. WONDERFUL POST! Probably the BEST breast cancer awareness post i've seen this year!



  2. beautiful post, Chels!! x


  3. This is an amazing post...great words of wisdom! And that balloon is totally amazing!

  4. Def one of my fave posts you've done! Awareness is so important! And those shoes!! I die!


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