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So if you haven't noticed, I'm phoning it in this week.  I haven't had a lot of time recently to take outfit photos or anything like that, so I figured I'd settle for a little self-indulgence, take a breath, and share some inspirations and me-stuff this week with you kids. 

Photos on my phone (and on Instagram (@hautechild)) usually fall into one of three categories: Food, Clothes, or Liam. Which pretty much makes me realize I'm not as interesting as I sometimes believe myself to be ;)

[Breakfast of Blueberries, Brie, and Coffee]

[Anniversary Dinner: Greek food & Wine (that we picked up on our Honeymoon in Greece]

[Cheeks McGee in the morning]

[More Cheeks]

[Napping after a minigolf victory over moi]

[Orchids that I haven't killed yet and are in fact thriving -Victory is mine!]

[Spike the Punch Necklace]

[Anniversary Gifts]

[Happy Father's Day Dad! From the bald one]

Hope you enjoyed! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@hautechild)

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  1. i love instagram, it's the best app ever

  2. SO jealous of your spike the punch necklce ;)



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