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Mulberry + Del Rey


Have you heard of American singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey? Well, I think that she's pretty much perfection; her style and music are just astounding.  The luxury brand Mulberry apparently things so as well.  Enter the Del Ray bag.  From Mulberry's website...

Soon we will be launching the Del Rey-the newest addition to the Mulberry family inspired by American singer Lana Del Rey.

Lana has mastered the style of Old Hollywood, mixing it with an irreverent sense of fun that feels like a natural fit for Mulberry's personality.  The Del Rey was designed to be a modern classic; practical, refined, and timeless with a touch of Lana's signature glamour and mystique.


I love the classic nature of this bag. I think that it will instantly become a wardrobe staple, similarly to the Mulberry Alexa bag.  Will you be lining up to purchase the bag? Or, for a more affordable piece of Ms. Del Rey, how about her album?

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  1. i love her, though i can't tell if i think she's beautiful or too plastic.


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