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Hokies Heels for Fan Feet


Disclaimer: I am about to beg for your assistance.  

I don't feel like I ask too too much of my readers, but I do have a favor to ask of you now.  I'm 'coaching' the Virginia Tech Team for the Fan Feet Challenge.  We are paired up against the Wolfpack and this is what I am asking of you.

In addition to that, if you'd like a pair of your own, ORDER them this week 

Tweet about Hokie Heels using @HokieHeels and #hokieheelsFTW (and follow them) 

Spread the word (Get your friends to do the same)!! 

For the person who helps the most, you'll win MVP and a deep discount on your own pair of heels (not necessarily the Hokie Heel variety).  And fear not, if Fan Feet isn't making your school's shoes now, they will be soon.  Drop them an email and ask.  The owner, he's a pretty cool guy.  He might just hook you up ;)

So please please please help me

Even if you aren't a Hokie...

Just because you like me....

And because, if anything, I hate losing.....

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