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Desperately Seeking: Sunnies


I'm an accessories girl - I find that they always fit right and can make or break an outfit.  Currently I'm on the hunt for a new pair of sunnies.  I've been obsessed with the cat eye look for awhile and could have kicked myself to letting Hubs talk me out of THE perfect pair of Chanels a few years ago (that are now no where to be found).  So what do you think of the selections below? Maybe a 'Happy Birthday to Me' gift??

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  1. I love the pair at the top! I really like the cat eye look.


  2. I just got a pair from Urban Outfitters, they're cheapies but I like them. I like the pair in the middle and the bottom right pair.

  3. I always vote for Kate Spade when given the chance - you deserve it!

  4. I am getting the ones from Urban Outiftters (I have four boys...sunglasses don't last too long). I love them all though!Creamy


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