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Weekend in Pictures: Old Wives Tales Edition


Whelp 1 for 2 ain't bad.  Sadly no arrival of Baby Mac, but a Giants victory makes Hubs and the Mac household happy.

Some of our friends even gifted us adorable Giants onesies and hats.  I guess Liam will have to celebrate a little later than the rest of us.

What many of you may (or may not) know about me, is that my day job is actually in the science field.   Yes, beneath all of my labels and gloss, I am a science nerd at heart.  That's why it is a testament to my sheer and utter desperation to get Baby Mac out of me that I resorted to old wives tales to coax him out over the weekend.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that there are certain things that work to naturally induce labor: spices (basil, oregano, etc.), spicy foods, pineapple, walking, yoga poses, sex, chinese food, eggplant, castor oil...the list goes on and on.*  So this weekend, I threw myself into the natural labor induction process -  To no avail.  Apparently Liam is just particular (as my dear friend assessed after I passed my due date). And so begins the long process of me learning that I am no longer in charge of my life or the events in it.  I also am back on the scientific-evidence train.

Other than that, I pretty much reveled in the upcoming Valentines Day.  I adore the holiday and pretty much everything that goes with it.

Valentines Day wrapping/A red-pink mani/candy

And what weekend wouldn't be complete without the appropriate love of our furchild, Coco.  Hubs snapped the below pic over the weekend. I love that face!

*Please note that I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to provide medical opinions or advice.  All of the information regarding natural induction was provided via the internet.

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  1. All the babies in my life came when they wanted to much to their moms' chagrin. Hang in there lady.

  2. I love the Giants, the t-shirt is fabulous. My son was wearing his Eli Jersey on Sunday.


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