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Write This Down


To say that I am stationary obsessed would be an understatement.  I have drawers dedicated to different types of stationary in our desk.  My mother instilled in me the importance of correspondence and thank you notes as a young child and I still write them diligently to this day.  To that end, I love to have pretty pieces of paper to write on; maybe it just makes me feel a little more fancy, but I like to think that the recipient appreciates it as well.  I have some personal favorite stationary sources: Crane & Co, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Papyrus, Graphique de France, and Erin Condren to name a few.  I also find value in having personalized stationary made; Check of Sugar Paper, Erin Condren, and Crane & Co for fantastic and unique products for perfect personalization.   My other recommendation is to find local stores that offer stationary.  I find some of my most favorite items from places that are local storefronts.

Added bonus, this week is National Letter Writing Week so pick up a piece of paper and write a quick note to a friend just to say hi.  Messages via Facebook and Twitter, that was so 2011.

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  1. I am stationary obsessed too. I think it's partly due to what you said- my mom always telling me how important it is to write thank yous and partly due the the fact that I appreciate "old fashioned" things.

  2. thank you for including us in your great post! enjoy!

  3. I absolutely love stationary, too. I barely ever use it, but I love collecting it.

  4. I am obsessed with cute stationary too and I love getting letters in the mail vs. boring ol' emails! I have entire drawer in my desk dedicated to stationary. I just stumbled upon this cute little stationary site this morning...http://www.pennypaperco.com/

    cute right?

    Happy Letter Writing Week!

  5. I'm terrible at writing thank you notes, but I love stationary! Weird I know

  6. I LOVE Papyrus. It is the best for cards/stationary and anything unique!


  7. i'm so jealous! i have a pretty fab stationary collection myself too :D hand-written notes are the best

  8. Maam, step away from the stationary. You have too much. LOL.


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