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Holiday Cheer


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'Tis the season! Christmas is arguably one of my most favorite holidays.  I start listening to Christmas music after Halloween (yes, you can judge me); I love holiday decor; the sight of Starbucks red cups and peppermint mochas on their menu makes my heart go pitter-patter; I obsess over the perfect gifts for the recipients on our 'good' list; I obsess equally over the wrapping; I could watch A Christmas Carol (Muppets version, of course) and Love Actually every day for the month of December - You get the idea.  However, this year we have SO much going on that I'm lacking the holiday inspiration that I usually can't seem to bottle up.  In an effort to jump start my holiday cheer, I sought out the help of pinterest and thought everyone could use some extra holiday cheer.  So enjoy dear readers and feel free to share where you get your holiday inspirations! And whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, may you be filled with the love, warmth, and happiness that it usually brings to your lives.

[A great touch for any holiday party]

[Tiny details]

[A different enough Christmas Card that I am slightly obsessed]

[Gorgeous Tree Decor]

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  1. I can totally relate! We decorated the inside of our home 3 weeks ago and have been burning xmas candles and listening to xmas music non-stop ever since. I am obsessed with gift wrap, I have a bad habit of collecting it and I need to stop because lately it seems everything goes in a gift bag. I have gotten so much inspiration from Pinterest. I just went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe last night and they had a ton of cute things there too.


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