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Who, What, Wear: Middle East Edition


Even before we embarked on the trek to Jordan, the ever-important question was being asked of me, "But what are you going to wear?!" And since I've returned, inevitably one of the questions in the long set of questions that are asked about our trip is, "What did you have to wear?!" Glad to see that the majority of people have the same priorities as I do.

In order ensure that I was sensitive to the culture, I consulted my dear friend who lives there.  Her best guidance was that although Jordan is a primarily Muslim country, it is relatively progressive.  However, it was advisable to dress modestly so that we not only respected the culture, but also felt comfortable ourselves.  Throw in the fact that the temperature in Jordan in September is typically upper 80s during the day and lower 60s at night, you can imagine packing quandary that I found myself in. Oh and did I mention that at the last minute I had to travel to Germany en rote to Jordan for work? And PS-I'm pregnant and growing by the day.

In any event, I think that all-in-all, I did relatively well.  There were only a few times that it was advised that I change. For the times that we were out and about in the city, I opted for more conservative shift dresses and longer maxi dresses, and while we were out at some of the more touristy locations, the dress code was far more lenient and I was able to wear more sporty like attire.

[What I'm Wearing in Amman Jordan: JCrew Kimono Max, Havaiana Sandals, Kate Spade Sunglasses, Tory Burch City Messenger Bag]

[What I'm Wearing in Jerash, Jordan: Express Striped Dress, JCrew Studded Belt, Rainbow Sandals, Tory Burch City Messenger Bag]

[What I'm wearing in Petra, Jordan: Nike Running Short, Nike Virgina Tech Shirt, Kate Spade Sunglasses, Tory Burch City Messenger Bag, Asics Gel 1140 Sneakers]

My best to advice to anyone who is traveling and doing a good bit of site seeing, definitely dress comfortably.  That doesn't mean you have to tourist yourself out with fanny-packs and super white sneakers.  There are great options for bags (totes and cross-bodies, for example) that can help you be a bit more stylish and still be functional.  

Also, you'd be surprised how many sandals and other shoes options give you comfortable alternatives to the tried and true running shoes.  Check our Rainbow sandals, as well as Havaianas.  Also many sneaker brands, such as Puma, have great options for city shoes.

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  1. great post! that's exactly the first thing i thought too, what the H did you wear?!?!? love the bags you picked out and you look fabulous in the pics!


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