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Pretty Shiny Sparkly*


*Hopefully Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly will forgive me for using her blog name for this post.  I couldn't find anything more fitting to title the post for my push present reveal.

Push Present (noun): a present a new parent is gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. 

Pre-pregnancy Hubs was a little hesitate to jump on the push present train, but he really has rocked this pregnancy and totally got on board.  I'm a lucky woman. Even more so because though I was involved in picking it out, he wanted to give the gift to me in a special way.  So in the same intimate, thoughtful manner in which he proposed, on our weddiversary (the monthly anniversary of our wedding which I insist on celebrating), he cooked me a fabulous meal (which for a pregnant woman is MORE than enough) and gave me my present with a beautifully written letter. (A note that honestly was gift enough for me, but who am I to turn down diamonds!)

We choose a rolling infinity band to compliment my wedding set.  I love my original wedding set.  I specifically selected it due to how classic the simple engagement ring was and the modern edge that the wedding band provided, while still not being trendy.  I also thought it was simple enough that adding to it later to celebrate events like anniversaries, births, etc. would be very easy and would only continue to add to the original set.  The push present will grace the other side of my engagement ring and I think
looks really fantastic.

I also have to give a huge thanks to our sale associate Kristin at Diamonds Direct.  She actually works out of the Charlotte location so if any of you Charlotte folks are looking for a fantastic individual to work with you on your jewelry needs, go see Kristin.

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  1. beautiful!! that's so thoughtful! i've told matt that i want a ring for every child we have too, he isn't on board either, but i have plenty of time to get him there! lol


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