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Back in Action


Whew, it's been a crazy 12 days away from the states.  First and foremost, I'd like to take a second to thank my fabulous, amazing, talented, and gorgeous guest bloggers who held down the fort for me while I was gone.  You ladies rock my world-thank you for taking the time to assist in my absence!

So, where did I disappear to for the past 12 days? First, Germany (work, which was totally last minute) and then Jordan (play).  Yes, Hubs and I went with 3 mutual friends of ours to visit an amazing couple who is currently residing in Amman Jordan.  Seriously, who travels, willingly might I add, to the middle east these days (and when you are 5 months preggo)? That's right, we do! Honestly, it was truly an amazing experience and one that I am so happy that we took advantage of.  Not only did we get to spend some serious quality time with some of our favorite people in the whole wide world, but we also go to see an area of the world that we likely would not have had an opportunity to otherwise.  Jordan is an amazing country, with ridiculously gorgeous and awe-inspiring historical sites.  Jordan is really the Switzerland of the Middle East-Never once did we feel uncomfortable or unsafe and the people were incredibly friendly.  Enough gushing, I'll let some pictures do the talking for me.

[View of the Temple of Hercules (circa Roman Empire) from Byzantine Church ruins/Amman Jordan]

[Hubs and I at the ancient ampitheather/Amman, Jordan]

[Rosary Beads at the Souk/Amman, Jordan]

[Sunset over the Dead Sea with the Israel shore/Dead Sea, Jordan]

[Hubs and I with Roman Ruins/Jerash, Jordan]

[First Views of Petra from the Siq/Petra, Jordan]

[Sunset shadows/Wadi Rum, Jordan]
Can you guess which one is me?

[Camping in Wadi Rum/Wadi Rum, Jordan]
Yes, you read that correctly.  I went camping. in the desert. However, I did bring a Vera Bradley bag....

[Blatantly disregarding doctor's orders on a camel/Wadi Rum Village, Jordan]

[Al Kerak Castle (Crusader Castle)/ Kerak, Jordan]
Note the dust storm. Crazy.

[Views from Umm Al Rasas/ Jordan]

It was a great week and we had an absolute blast.  Though it was wonderful, being immersed in another culture that is so incredibly different from America's makes you incredibly thankful for what you have here in the States.  Not only that but now that we are back, it's time to focus on finalizing Baby Mac's name and nursery details! Lots of fun things coming up for the rest of the year.  Can't wait to keep y'all updated with the latest and greatest.

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