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[Baby Mac Due 31 Jan 2012]

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you.  Hubs and I are expecting a little one in January 2012!  This has honestly been quite possibly the most difficult secret I've ever had to keep and I'm so excited to finally be able to share our good news.  I know you fabulous readers have questions so I have compiled a few FAQs for you:

Q: Was this planned?
A: Absolutely! Hubs and I have been married for two years (together for eight) and having a family that includes children has always been a priority for us.  If Hubs had had his way, I would have been pregnant before we got married.  Timing wasn't exactly right for us at that time, but we feel that now is the right time for us.

Q: Are you finding out the sex?
A: Of course we are! The way that we see it, we will be surprised whether we find out at week 18 or when Baby Mac (aka Chiclet) is born.  We would just like to be able to plan a bit more and decide it we really need to be arguing over baby names for a sex that we may not be having.

Q: Will you continue to work?
A: Yes, after my leave, I have decided to go back to work.  I genuinely love what I do and right now I feel like working is something that is important to me.  Who knows how my feelings on this will change once Chiclet is born, but I have full intentions of going back to work afterwards.

Q: What about Coco?!?!
A: Our beloved furchild will continue to be tops in our hearts.  She such a fabulous, loyal companion and we could not imagine our lives without her.  She is also really fantastic with babies and children which I hope will translate to our child.  Coco has been acting out a bit since I became pregnant (She has taken a liking to tearing apart my shoes; a trait that she has never exhibited in the four years that we have had her), but she's not going anywhere and our hope is that things will get easier for her once the baby is home.

Q: What will happen to your blog?!
A: I'm not going anywhere and will strive to continue to make my posts relevant to the masses rather than a specific population (e.g., maternity).  I can't promise that some of the posts won't be geared towards maternity.  This blog is very much inspired by my life, my style, and my interests.  While some of that may shift, I am determined to not entirely lost my sense of self (and style) as I embark down this journey.  Finding the balance between blogging and home life may prove to be difficult at first.  We might experience some growing pains together, but I plan to find a happy balance.

[Our bedside table]

[Me @ 16 Weeks]

Before I end this painfully long post, I do need to give credit where credit is due.  Hubs has been absolutely amazing.  You learn to truly appreciate a person who can put up with crazy pregnancy hormones without breaking a sweat.  He's really been fantastic and has made my life so much easier these past three months.  Every day I thank my lucky stars for having such an amazing husband, partner, and best friend.  

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  1. Wow, how amazing and exciting!! Many congrats :) And I applaud you for going back to work!

  2. you are so much bigger than when we saw you just a few weeks ago!!?!??!?! craziness!
    so happy for you guys!! we will celebrate when you're here!

  3. You look absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to keep getting updates on your pregnancy ride!

  4. I am so happy for you! You are going to make great parents! And ps, orange dress and leopard heels while pregnant, could you be anymore fabulous:)


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