Weekend in Pictures


Despite the INSANE heat, we were able to have quite a lovely weekend (albeit, indoors).  After sweating glistening through Hubs softball game on Friday night (best. wife. ever.-just sayin'), I was determined to stay as much of the rest of the weekends indoors as possible.  Saturday brought with it some of our favorite friends, visiting us from Jordan on their way to the beach during their leave.  We hadn't seen them since before they left the States in September, so it was a long over due visit.  And luckily, we won't have to wait too long again to see them as Hubs and I have a trip to Jordan planned in September.  Before they left, we even were able to fit in a brunch at The Flying Biscuit.  I am downright obsessed with brunch and The Flying Biscuit.

Outside of getting to catch up with long lost friends, I love having guests because it also gives me cause to fill the house with flowers. I love the feel that flowers bring to a home.  I do have some difficulties finding a decent place to get fabulous florals, but I find that Whole Foods and Fresh Market usually have great options.

Also, I can't pass up on an opportunity to highlight the fabulous Coco.  I adore her and her ears.

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