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Style Me Haute Request: Wedding Shoes


I'm a sucker for weddings; I was before I was married and now being two years into my marriage, I still love wedding magazines, "Say Yes to the Dress", and pretty much all things associated with the event of weddings.  I'm pretty sure my addiction to weddings could easily be solved by a 12-Step program or something.  So when one of my sorority sisters reached out to me in hopes of finding the perfect shoe to complete her perfect day, I was totally game.  Kathryn's dress has a little bit of gold thread in it so she was looking for either ivory, gold, or maybe ruby red (for a pop of color to match her bridesmaid dresses).   She loves the looks that Butter has to offer, but was looking for a heel less than 4 inches high.  And Kathryn didn't want to break the bank (smart move!).

If you have an event that you'd like outfit advice on or are trying to find the perfect piece to complete an outfit: email me, tweet me, or facebook me (don't forget to like the page to get updates directly to your facebook feed).

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