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Friday Eye Candy


Truthfully, while I love clothing, I'm an accessories girl.  I think it comes from the fact that clothing doesn't always fit appropriately, but in shoes, watches, handbags you are always the same size.  Which is nice for petite people like myself who find sizing difficult.  

I am also a tried and true Michael Kors fan when it comes to watches, but about a year ago Nixon caught my eye.  I really am loving what they have to offer and the 42-20 Chronograph would be perfect for my watch collection.  I am loving all of the tortoiseshell options that are available this season-seriously a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

What watches are you lusting after these days? Any other brand recommendations that I should check out?

Hope you and yours have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Had to share! This was birthday gift from Brandon this year and I am absolutely in love with this watch! The pearl band matches any outfit for sure.


  2. Chelsea,
    I am really enjoying the Nixon I picked up recently. I have to say I have a huge watch fetish, however I don't follow women's watches to much. I have been lusting after a Panerai or an ORIS lately. I have also been watching a few others including Lum-Tec which seems to be gathering quite a following.


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